What is ISI Mark?
The ISI mark certification is a short form for Indian Standard Institute which is former name for Bureau of Indian Standards. The main objective of the Bureau of Indian Standards is to ensure the best quality of products and service delivered to the customers are of best quality. The manufacturers need to adhere to the quality guidelines set by BIS which ensure the best quality of products and services. 

Important Points of ISI Mark Certification :

  1. The seller must mention on the bill that product is ISI mark certified.
  2. If the quality of the products is not up to the mark then complaint in BIS.
  3. BIS keeps a check on the manufacturers whether they are following the ISI guidelines or not.
  4. The investigation is done for three months in case of a complaint made against a manufacturer.

Benefits of ISI Mark Product :

  1. When a product is ISI marked, it is assured that the manufacturer has followed all the guideline of the certification and the product is of best quality.
  2. The manufacturers can also reduce their losses with reduction in rejection of the products due to bad quality.
  3. The ISI mark products have better performance as well as long service life as compared to the products that do not have ISI mark.

Symbol of ISI Mark :

ISI Mark